Islamic Products

Samba Financial Group provides you with various banking solutions that meet your financial needs in accordance with the Islamic (Shari'ah) principles. Samba fulfills your growing desires with a comprehensive selection of world class banking products and services, which have been approved by the Shari'ah Supervisory Board.

Samba’s Islamic Banking Division:

Samba established its Islamic Banking Division (IBD) in August, 1996. The division's activities are conducted independently to ensure Shari'ah compliance. All accounts of this division are segregated from those of Samba's conventional banking division, and are governed by Shari'ah.

Islamic Banking at Samba has distinguished itself by the rigor with which it seeks to ensure that all its products and services adhere to Islamic principles. Therefore, every product introduced by Samba's Islamic Banking division is carefully evaluated and monitored by the Shari'ah Supervisory Board. Products that have originated outside Samba by other institutions also undergo the same rigorous evaluation for compliance either by an appropriate Shari'ah authority or by Samba's own Shari'ah Board

Samba’s Shari'ah Supervisory Board

The board includes eminent and distinguished Islamic scholars, each of whom is an expert in the Shari'ah laws related to financial transactions.

•    Sheikh Abdullah Sulieman Al-Mane'a, Chairman
•    Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Al-Mutlaq, Vice Chairman
•    Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Ali Elgari, Member

Our Goal

Our goal at Samba is to provide premier Islamic Banking services by mobilizing efforts and financial resources behind a range of innovative Shari'ah-compliant banking products. These are supported with the latest technologies to enable you to access your account with ease to conduct your banking transactions.

Our Islamic Products:

At Samba, we offer the following Islamic Shari'ah-compliant products: