Samba Supercharged Titanium Credit Card

The Original Samba Titanium Credit card now comes supercharged with added benefits like never before. From shopping, to dining to fuel and medical expenses be it locally or globally. Maximize your cashback everyday and save up to AED 12,000.

The Supercharged Samba Titanium Credit Card rewards you with Cashback on every Dirham you spend.

Movies- Get 50% cashback on tickets & food at movies anywhere in the world, anytime and online too

Supermarket- Get up to 10% cashback on supermarkets/hypermarkets anywhere in the world and online too

Medical Bills- Get 10% cashback on medical expenses at clinics, hospital and pharmacies anywhere in the world and online too

Dining- Get 5% on mouth watering experiences at your favorite restaurants anywhere in the world and online too.

Fuel- Get 5% cashback on Fuel transactions anywhere in the world

Utility Bill Payments- Get up to 5% cashback on all utility bill payments including Telephone bills (mobile, landline and internet), Water and Electricity bills, Cable/Pay television bills, Toll fees/Salik anywhere in the world and online too

International Transactions- Get 3% cashback on all your overseas spends (non AED currency)

Other Retail Transactions-What’s more, also get cashback of 0.5% on all other retail spends within the UAE or online

Enjoy annual savings of AED 12,000

What is the Samba Supercharged Titanium Cashback Offer? How does the offer work?
The Samba Supercharged Titanium Cashback is a unique programme that allows you to earn cashback at an accelerated rate on the Spend Categories listed below:

  • Movie
  • Supermarket
  • Dining
  • Fuel
  • Medical
  • Utility Bills

Cashback is earned on each transaction individually. Each purchase will earn you cashback based on:

  • The spend category it belongs to
  • The value of the purchase made on the credit card

This will define the spend-tier that the purchase falls into and the rate of cashback that it will earn.

In addition to the above mentioned spend categories, all other retail purchases made on the card will also earn cashback where the cashback will be calculated on the total sum of transactions as on the statement date.

Cashback on purchases will be awarded subject to the cardholder meeting a minimum spend of AED 2,500 per statement cycle on the Samba Credit Card.

Samba Supercharged Titanium Cashback Table

Samba Supercharged Titanium Credit Card illustrations

Frequently asked questions

Program Terms and Conditions

  • Enjoy 20% discount on Careem rides . Click here
  • Free unlimited access to 11 airport lounges across GCC. Click here

Protection and Convenience

  • Equipped with the latest contactless technology and Chip-PIN secure.
  • Free transaction SMS alerts.
  • Convenient payment options-Pay for your credit card at any UAE Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange and Al Fardan Exchange at no extra cost.

0% Samba Installment Plan Offers

Use your Samba Credit Card to pay and make the most of interest free Shopping.

Click here for list of participating outlets

Additional Benefits

  • Experience the joy of sharing with free Supplementary Cards for your near and dear ones. You can apply for 4 FREE Supplementary Credit Cards on your Samba Credit Card. More Details
  • Shop now and pay later with Samba's convenient installment plan that lets you spread your repayments over 6 to 36 months at attractive interest rates. This facility is available on purchases over AED 500.
  • Get a draft issued over the phone with the Dial-A-Draft feature on your Samba Credit Card to pay for services where credit card payments are not accepted. Simply call SambaPhone banking and ask for a Dial-a-Draft. We will send you a draft in the name of the company or establishment you wish to pay.Dial-A-Draft Form
  • Samba Transaction Alerts gives you instant SMS alerts on all your transactions. More Details (PDF-320 KB).

 How to apply for new Credit Card/Supplementary Cards ?

 Simply complete an application form and submit it along with the required documents through one of the following channels: 

  • At Samba Branch
  • SMS CARD to 4670
  • Call us on 800 55 000 and one of our representative will visit you


 Salaried Employees - Monthly income of at least AED 5,000

Documentation required:

Salaried Employees

 1. Copy of valid passport with valid residence visa
 2. Proof of income
 3. Emirates ID

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