With Samba e-statements you can view, download or print an electronic version of your Credit Card statement that looks just like the paper version.

All Samba Cardholders are auto-enrolled into e-statements. E-statements will be sent to your e-mail address registered with Samba.

Please follow the below instructions to update your email address with Samba:

 1.    SMS your email address to the number 4670.

 2.    The SMS must only contain the email address without any other additional information. Example :

 3.    The SMS must be sent from your  registered mobile number with Samba. If the mobile number is not present in our records, your email address will not get updated.

 4.    Please provide your personal email address that is secure since all confidential information relating to your card/account including, but not limited to, card related information; statement of account; OTP code; offer communication and other important communication, will be sent to this email address.

 5.    The new email address provided by you will be updated to our systems within 7 working days and from thereafter all email communication will be sent to the new email address.

Samba Terms and Conditions apply and is available at www.samba.ae/tnc