Samba Alkhair Supercharged Titanium Credit Card

The Original Samba Titanium Credit card now comes supercharged with added benefits like never before. From shopping, to dining to fuel and medical expenses be it locally or globally. Maximize your cashback everyday and save up to AED 12,000.

The Supercharged Samba Titanium Credit Card rewards you with Cashback on every Dirham you spend.

Movies- Get 50% cashback on tickets & food at movies anywhere in the world, anytime and online too

Supermarket- Get up to 10% cashback on supermarkets/hypermarkets anywhere in the world and online too

Medical Bills- Get 10% cashback on medical expenses at clinics, hospital and pharmacies anywhere in the world and online too

Dining- Get 5% on mouth watering experiences at your favorite restaurants anywhere in the world and online too.

Fuel- Get 5% cashback on Fuel transactions anywhere in the world

Utility Bill Payments- Get up to 3% cashback on all utility bill payments including Telephone bills (mobile, landline and internet), Water and Electricity bills, Cable/Pay television bills, Toll fees/Salik anywhere in the world and online too

International Transactions- Get 3% cashback on all your overseas spends (non AED currency)

Other Retail Transactions-What’s more, also get cashback of 0.5% on all other retail spends within the UAE or online

Enjoy annual savings of AED 12,000

Samba Supercharged Titanium Credit Card Cashback Table and illustrations

Samba Supercharged Titanium Cashback Table

Frequently asked questions

Program Terms and Conditions


Protection and Convenience

  • Equipped with the latest contactless technology and Chip-PIN secure.
  • Free transaction SMS alerts.
  • Convenient payment options-Pay for your credit card at any Al Ansari Exchange and Al Fardan Exchange at no extra cost.
  • Access Airport Lounges with your Samba Mastercard. For the up-to-date list of lounges, visit This benefit is provided by Mastercard and Samba assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the products and services provided by any of the partners. 


Salaried Employees - Monthly income of at least AED 5,000

Documentation required:

Salaried Employees

  • Copy of valid passport with valid residence visa.
  • Proof of income.
  • Emirates ID.
Apply today — Call us on 800 55 000 or SMS 'CARD' to 4670, and a Samba representative will get in touch with you.

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