Cash Management

At Samba we offer the best of cash management tools and solutions delivered through our experienced relationship managers and cash management experts. Our extensive range of innovative products and services are tailored to best serve our clients' interests.

Current Account

Every corporate entity has its own unique banking and financial needs. The Samba Corporate Banking Account comes with an exhaustive range of features and benefits that take care of these requirements. A Samba Corporate Current Account offers both UAE Dirham & Foreign Currency options.

Account Services

1. Account Statement

Account Statements listing movements, to and from your account, will be sent to you as frequently as you want. We also provide statements on request.

2. Check Books

Check Books reflect your business image in the market and build confidence and they are available with a qualifying Samba UAE Dirham Current Account.

3. Standing Instructions

Standing Instructions can be used to transfer funds from your various Samba accounts to manage your funds the way you want to.

Time Deposit

A way of investing excess funds, for a fixed period of time. Rates are dependent on the amount, currency and tenor of the deposit.