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No more closing hours, no boundaries. Access a range of financial services and products from anywhere you have access to the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. View up-to-the minute account activity, pay your bills, transfer funds and more. Online Banking is so convenient, and it's free.

Safe & Secure
SambaOnline banking is safe and secure. Every time you access your account online, you're protected with the latest security and encryption features.

How we protect you online?
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Online banking technical requirements

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How we protect you online?
Protecting our customer's personal and financial information, and providing a secure online environment to transact with us is a top priority at Samba. Our security technologies and processes are continuously evaluated to ensure that they are maintained to the highest possible standards. We employ a diverse range of technologies and security mechanisms to ensure the safety, confidentiality and integrity of your information and transactions.

Block login
Unauthorized login attempts will disable an account after a pre-defined number of consecutive failed attempts.

Every time you access online banking, all account information transmitted during the session is encrypted makes it nearly impossible for intruders to decipher it. Samba uses SSL 128-bit encryption to protect the information that you send or receive from our secure site. This provides for confidentiality of sensitive data and integrity of the transactions performed.

Individualized password
When you sign up for online access, we ask you to create your own username and password to access your accounts. The password is governed by strict password rules, making it difficult for intruders to guess it.

Timed log-off
Our Online Banking system will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Time based session expiry is enforced to mitigate unauthorized access to your account. However, you are advised to sign out every time you complete your sambaonline session.

Samba's systems are protected 24 hours a day by multiple layers of firewalls that block unauthorized entry.

Digital Certificates
Digital Certificates provide the user with (Certification Authority) evidence of the server's authenticity. This safeguards users from trusting unauthorized sites and allows the session to be encrypted. Users of sambaonline will see a "closed lock" icon on the status bar of the sambaonline screen. Clicking on this icon, will allow the user to see the certificate authenticating the site.

Pre-define Beneficiaries
Defining and activation of beneficiaries is mandatory for all financial transactions. Activation of a beneficiary requires additional authentication. Transaction limits are imposed to minimize channel exposure.

Safe computing tips to help you protect yourself online.

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1. Enter Your Samba ATM or credit card number and PIN.
2. Read the Samba online agreement and click OK. Then, enter your personal information.
3. Choose your sambaonline username and password.
4. Enter your ID number and Samba account number.

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Sambaonline Services
If you're a Samba customer, you can register online and use your Sambaonline banking ID to instantly unlock an array of superior privileges designed to make banking so much easier.

You can even apply online for personal finance or credit card, and follow-up the status of your application later on. Or you can view your latest Samba Relationship Summary on the spot.

Personal Account
 Transfer funds between Samba accounts and any other local bank account.
 Book standing instructions on your account.
 Report a lost or stolen Samba ATM card and ask for a replacement.
 Order a checkbook.
 Inquire about exchange rates.
 Stop a check payment.
 View, print or download up-to the-minute information about your account.

Samba Credit Cards
 Apply for Samba Visa or Samba Master Card.

Personal Finance
 Apply for personal finance

Time deposit
 Book a time deposit
 Commission Rate inquiry.

 View alerts.
 Suspend alerts.
 Activate alerts
 Define alias for account.

General Services
 View your latest Samba Relationship Summary on the spot.
 Change your password

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Online Banking Technical Requirements
The following browsers and operating systems are recommended for the best performance when using Sambaonline.

Supported Browsers
 Internet Explorer 6 and above

Supported Operating Systems
 Windows XP
 Windows Vista
 Windows 7
 Macintosh OS