Market Linked Investments

Whether your goal is capital growth, income or capital preservation, Samba offers structured solutions that can meet your requirements. Our objective is to identify, create and provide access to some of the best, most innovative investment ideas and opportunities for you.

  • Structured Products are an efficient way to take indirect exposure to Equity, Fixed-Income, commodities and alternative investments.
  • You can choose between Capital guaranteed products that reduce the element of market risk and Partial/Non capital guaranteed products involve a higher element of risk and return.
  • You can choose between higher returns on one end of the scale and extra stability at the other end.
  • With structured investment products you can choose between different goals including diversification, flexibility and access to non-traditional asset classes.

With our unique Samba Market Linked Investments, you can enjoy investment access & diversification across a wide range of asset classes and choice of capital protection up to a minimum of 90%. We also offer tailor-made and customized solutions for your investment needs.

* Subject to approval from Central Bank UAE and Terms & Conditions