Let them learn to their heart's content

With Cashback rewards on all kinds of learning activities, Samba ensures your children never compromise on widening your horizons. So, the next time you plan on learning something new, pay with your Samba Credit Card and gain more than just knowledge. Click here for more details.

Spend Amount on
Tuition Fees (cumulative)
during promotion period
Maximum Cashback during
promotion period
AED 5,000 - 10,000
AED 150
AED 10,001 - 15,000 AED 300
AED 15,001 - 20,000 AED 500
AED 20,001 - 25,000 AED 750
AED 25,001 - 40,000 AED 1,000
AED 40,001 - 50000 AED 1,500
AED 50,001 - 75000 AED 2,000
AED 75,000+ AED 2,500

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Special Partner Offers 

GEMS Education Offer

PROED Higher Education Consultants

Offer Validity: 15 February to 30 April 2018


To qualify for this cashback, you must spend a minimum of AED5,000 or more (cumulative) during the offer period on tuition fee related spends (includes online transactions). Maximum cashback cap applies as displayed above. Standard cashback rewards, on tuition fee/exam fee/certificate course fee payments, will not be applicable during this promotion. You can request upto 80% of your credit card limit as a Dial-A-Draft. Only transactions made under education specific merchant category codes will be considered as part of this promotion. The list of education merchant category codes included in the programme is at the sole discretion of Samba and final and binding to the programme. All Dial-A-Draft & SIP approvals are at the sole discretion of Samba. The SIP offer is not available on Samba Al Khair Credit Cards. All school related spends, either done in local or foreign currency will be considered as part of this campaign and will not be considered as part of any other campaign/offer that is conducted by Samba.Samba's decision on the top 5 for the HTC U11+ mobile is final and binding. Samba Credit Card Terms and Conditions apply and are available on www.samba.ae