NRP Program

With Samba's NRP (Non-Resident Pakistani Program) you get to have the cake and eat it too! Yes, enjoy the best in both UAE and Pakistan.

Being a SambaGold or Samba Diamond customer entitles you to a number of special privileges. Click below for details or email at

SambaGold customer (

Samba Diamond customer (

Now, while enjoying the special privileges of being a SambaGold or Samba Diamond customer you can also revel in other benefits viz.
- Open a bank account through Samba Dubai in any branch of Samba Bank Limited   in Pakistan.
- Remit in PKR in your account at your convenience at preferred conversion rates.
- Enjoy various Local Currency, Current, Savings & Term Deposit schemes matching   your requirements.
- Seamless SI (Standing Instructions) for various payment categories in Pakistan.
- For other benefits please click on the link.

  Learn More (PDF-2,384KB).